Automatic Door

dreamstime_16459782Scott Burke Electrical also offers experience within the automatic door industry making it possible to offer installation and a service program on a multitude of door types.

Scott Burke Electrical has developed maintenance procedures in accordance with relevant Australian Standards, building codes and the current Workplace Health and Safety Act that will ensure your automatic doors will provide the best possible performance and reliability. This will ensure that your investment will function both mechanically and electrically at an optimal level.

Are you aware? It is part of the Australian Standard AS5007-2007 that you have your automatic door serviced and maintained on a regular basis by a qualified technician to be compliant. Part of the AS5007-2007 standard requires Auto Ingress as a manufacture to fulfil their duty of care obligations by informing you of the importance to have your door serviced on a regular basis, and we extend this service to all automatic door brands and models.

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