Solar Hybrid

BPT-S_5_HybridA Hybrid inverter will convert electricity stored in batteries from Solar (Renewable Energy) to operate your normal electrical appliances. You choose when and how the energy is used.

Renewable electricity not required by the batteries or load can then be exported to the electricity grid to effectively run your meter backwards. If however your electricity retailer does not offer you a fair price for excess electricity then you can choose to maximise your self-consumption by storing energy for later use.

To reduce your power bill even further – when you require more power than the renewables are providing during peak tariff times you can choose to have additional power provided by the batteries instead of the grid. You can then charge the batteries from the grid later at off-peak rates.

If you run a business then you’ll know that the demand charge makes up a significant portion of your electricity bill. The demand charge can increase significantly if your load ever exceeds the contractual limit or historical maximum, even for a brief period. To avoid then punitive charges and to even reduce the normal demand charge the power drawn from the grid can be capped during these peak times. Any additional power required is then provided by the electricity stored in the batteries plus any available Renewable Energy.

Power outages are not uncommon these days. Bushfires, floods or storms can cause outages for hours, days or even weeks. For safety reasons conventional Solar Power Grid systems must turn off when the grid fails. This means your investment of Renewable Energy will be wasted during grid outages. The advanced technology inside the Hybrid system allows your electricity supply to seamlessly continue by switching to battery backup mode, allowing you to power your 240 volt loads using the electricity stored in the batteries plus any available Renewable Energy.

In the event your batteries have become discharged during a prolonged outage, an optional Generator Controller can start an automatic generator to provide power for the home or business and charge the batteries. When grid power returns the generator will be turned off automatically. With the Hybrid system you’ll never know when the grid has failed except when all your neighbours are in the dark.

The complete process is seamless as the Hybrid system takes care of everything, including ensuring that your batteries have enough energy at all times in preparation for the next power outage. The system can be configured to store your solar, consume it or export to the grid at different times during the day. It’s your power and you are in control of how the solar is used along with how much electricity is drawn from the grid or drawn from the batteries. The tariff charges, the amount of solar generated and your electricity requirements can all vary during the day or week. The advanced Tariff optimisation features of the Hybrid system give you reliable power at the lowest cost and is available in single phase and three phase configurations.